Escaping the Matrix — How we the people can change the world

by Richard Moore. Published by The Cyberjournal Project, Redwood City, California

Table of Contents


The Matrix                                                                       

Are you ready for the red pill?                                                                   

Imperialism and the Matrix                                                                         

World War II and Pax Americana                                                             

Popular rebellion and the decline of the postwar blueprint                

London banking elites and the strategy of oil-based dominance        

World War I and the House of Morgan                                                   

The Anglo-American alliance                                                                    

Abandoning Bretton Woods: the petrodollar scam                               

The neoliberal project                                                                                  

9/11 and the New American Century                                                     

The management of discontented societies                                            

The UN and the new-millennium blueprint                                          

Capitalism and the Matrix                                                                         

Civilization in crisis                                                                                   

Elite responses to the crisis                                                                       

A brief history of humanity                                              

Natural evolution: competition within a cooperative web                 

The nature of primordial societies                                                           

Cultural evolution: stability within adaptability                                

Origins of civilization: inside and outside the Garden                     

The co-evolution of conditioning and hierarchy                                  

We The People and the Transformational Imperative         

We the People and cultural transformation                                           

Lessons from our long experience of struggle                                     

Our Transformational Imperative                                                           

Our Harmonization Imperative                                        

Adversarial systems and representative democracy                         

Representative democracy and elite hegemony                                   

Divide and rule: the role of factionalism                                             

Our Harmonization Imperative                                                             

The dynamics of harmonization                                      

Meeting dynamics: collaborative & adversarial                               

A gap in our cultural repertoire                                                            

Two promising meetings                                                                          

The Michigan conference                                                                         

Maclean’s “empowered dialog”                                                             

The Rogue Valley Wisdom Council                                                       

The role of a facilitator                                                                              

The dynamics of harmonization                                                             

Collective wisdom: an ancient heritage                                               

We the People                                                                                              

Envisioning a transformational movement                       

In search of a path to social transformation                                        

Harmonization and cultural transformation                                      

Cultural transformation at the level of community                          

Community empowerment as a transformational movement         

What are the prospects for such a movement?                                   

Political transformation and regime intervention                            

Social transformation                                                                                

Transformation: the means are the ends                                              

Envisioning a liberated global society                             

The basic paradigm: harmonization and community sovereignty

Regional affairs                                                                                          

A model for global self-governance                                                       

The management of the commons                                                           

The maintenance of peace                                                                         

Democracy and property rights                                                            


The transition process                                                    

The moment of convergence                                                                    

Common-sense economics and the management of the commons  

Repossessing the commons                                                                     

The global conversion project                                                                 

Reflections on humanity’s future                                     

Cultural evolution in a democracy                                                        

Education outside the Matrix                                                                 

Democracy and personal liberation                                                      


With knowledge comes responsibility                                                  


Bibliography and online resources                                  

Most highly recommended                                                                      

Media and propaganda                                                                             

Online news and information                                                                 

The current regime and how it got that way                                       

Toward a sensible society                                                                         

Dialog and community empowerment